Friday, April 26, 2013


Get free earrings just for entering!

Send us your photo / we post it on Facebook / you share it / your friends vote for you

The Details: 

1. E-mail your favorite photo wearing your DLD necklace, bracelet or earrings to no later than 6/1/13 

2. The photo will be uploaded to DLD's FB page on 6/3/13 and you will be notified via email

3. Tag yourself in the photo and share it on your FB page. Ask your friends to go to DLD's FB page and 'like' the page and 'like' your photo

4. ONE BIG WINNER - the entry with the most 'likes' will win a brand new custom engraved iPad Mini! 

5. NO LOSERS- All entrants will win a free pair of your choice of color "Chrissy" earrings with free shipping or a gift card equal in value ($25) to use on anything you want

6. FB "Likes" will be counted on 08/01/13

7. ANY type of photo can be used: instagram, professional, iphone, etc.

Lawyer stuff: 

a. The picture can be of yourself, friend, significant other, children or pets 

b. All entrants must be 18 years of age or older 

c. If your photo has more than one person, the person who submits the photo is entered in the contest. All others must submit a different photo to be entered into contest 

d. Any photo submitted may be used in other DLD marketing (websites, blogs,etc) 

e. If submitting a professional photo, please check with the photographer on ownership rights. Credit can be given to the photographer if requested 

f. Only one prize per person submitting, but feel free to enter more than once  

g. All photos are judged separately, your votes will not be combined on multiple entries

h. The only likes that can be counted towards the total are the ones on the original photo on DLD's FB page. Why? Unfortunately, due to FB's privacy, DLD and other contestants may not be able to see the likes on your own page. Therefore to be fair and open to all involved, they won't be counted 

i. Entries that were used in a previous DLD contest are not eligible

j. Batteries not included, some assembly required, you still reading this?  Go out and get those pictures!

Thanks for being a great customer!  Feel free to send me an e-mail or a facebook message if you have any questions.  

Please pass this along to your friends, even if they don't have any DLD, there's plenty of time to buy something new and enter the contest!

Enjoy your new IPAD Mini! 

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