Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Artist Collaboration Project 2010

Recently, DLD and several artists orchestrated a photo shoot with about 20 models. The collaboration included many hours of planning and a full day of make-up, hair and styling. The artists included Abbie Cooke (photography), Whitney Melton (model styling), Catherine Brockway (hair), Jaime Jones and Mimi Michelle (make-up) and overall coordination by Freida Bailey. The project was quite a success! Please check out the photos below.

Windy wearing the Julie, Heather and Carrie.

Penny wearing the Soledad and Kelly.

Whitney wearing the Claudia, Bora Bora and Julie.

Whitney wearing the Ellie and Brooklyn.

Michele wearing the Cleopatra, Claudia, Jane and Chloe.

Cat wearing the Kelly and Charlotte

Sara wearing the Jane, Patricia and Chloe.

Callie wearing the Bora Bora and Cheryl.

Erin wearing the Jolie, Ginger and Suzanne.

Mikki wearing the Times Square in purple and blue.

Mica wearing the Sierra, Greenwich Village and Charlotte.

Michele V. wearing the Heather and Suzanne.

Jamie wearing the Times Square.

Elizabeth wearing the Betty in purple and multi color.

Kristin wearing the Kauai

Deborah wearing the Times Square and Jane.

Lauren U. wearing the Carrie.

Lauren O. wearing the Ginger.

Hanna wearing the Suzanne and Charlotte.