Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Artist Collaboration Project 2010

Recently, DLD and several artists orchestrated a photo shoot with about 20 models. The collaboration included many hours of planning and a full day of make-up, hair and styling. The artists included Abbie Cooke (photography), Whitney Melton (model styling), Catherine Brockway (hair), Jaime Jones and Mimi Michelle (make-up) and overall coordination by Freida Bailey. The project was quite a success! Please check out the photos below.

Windy wearing the Julie, Heather and Carrie.

Penny wearing the Soledad and Kelly.

Whitney wearing the Claudia, Bora Bora and Julie.

Whitney wearing the Ellie and Brooklyn.

Michele wearing the Cleopatra, Claudia, Jane and Chloe.

Cat wearing the Kelly and Charlotte

Sara wearing the Jane, Patricia and Chloe.

Callie wearing the Bora Bora and Cheryl.

Erin wearing the Jolie, Ginger and Suzanne.

Mikki wearing the Times Square in purple and blue.

Mica wearing the Sierra, Greenwich Village and Charlotte.

Michele V. wearing the Heather and Suzanne.

Jamie wearing the Times Square.

Elizabeth wearing the Betty in purple and multi color.

Kristin wearing the Kauai

Deborah wearing the Times Square and Jane.

Lauren U. wearing the Carrie.

Lauren O. wearing the Ginger.

Hanna wearing the Suzanne and Charlotte.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Model Pics!

Dana LeBlanc Designs jewelry has recently been featured in several photo shoots. The photographers and models were kind enough to share the photos with me.

The Julie Necklace
Available at:

The Undercurrent Earrings
Available at:

Model: Jennifer Welker
Photography: Ariel Perez

The Times Square
Available at:
854 W. Fourth St
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Model: Kristen Snider
Hair and Makeup: Elizabeth Tolley
Photography: Dominic Gray

Monday, July 19, 2010

Custom Bridal Jewelry!

Recently, I had the opportunity to create jewelry for a client's bridesmaids. The bride wanted every bridesmaid to have a unique piece that complemented the wearer's individual style. We discussed different options and she settled on chunky, all-black beaded necklaces so everything matched color-wise. Custom orders can take from 2-3 weeks. Many more colors and styles are available that are not featured on the website. If interested in custom jewelry, please email me at

The Greenwich Village $62

The Kelly $46

The Genevieve $64

The Charlotte $82

The Suzanne $84

Thursday, May 13, 2010


DLD jewelry is most commonly described as "candy-like". Bright pinks, purples, greens reds, and other colors that are reminiscent of candy. The necklace below is appropriately named Rock Candy. Rock Candy looks delicious enough to eat, but I wouldn't advise it. ;)

Model: Kristen Snider
Hair and Makeup: Elizabeth Tolley
Photography: Dominic Gray
Necklace available at:
845 W. 4th Street
Winston- Salem, NC 27101

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Blonde Factory

Caroline Baxley, a friend of mine, is the mastermind behind The Blonde Factory. Her clothing and my jewelry were featured in a fashion show in Winston Salem over the weekend. Her style draws inspiration from the past, such as shift dresses from the Sixties. She uses lots of vintage and textured fabrics and lots of detailing, such as ruffles and rhinestone brooches. I am a huge fan and hope you will be too. Her blog is Stay from the fashion show will be posted soon.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wedding Season!

Wedding season is getting close and I have been getting a lot of requests for wedding jewelry. I have worked with many brides to create jewelry for themselves and/or their bridesmaids. It is an exciting time for the bride and it is fun to work out options with her. Generally, I have made the same design for each bridesmaid to create a cohesive look when they were wearing different style dresses. However, I have also made necklaces with different designs (and same colors) to compliment the style of the wearer.

Regan's bridesmaids wearing different styles

Tara, Regan's maid of honor wearing the Candyland in custom colors

Liz's bridesmaids wearing the Kelly in garnet